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Sentencing Tracker - Westlaw NZ

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Sentencing Tracker - Westlaw NZ


Sentencing Tracker is a Westlaw NZ database that identifies sentencing ranges for criminal offences. Updated daily, this service allows users to identify sentence ranges by searching a wide range of sentencing factors.

Our legally qualified editors analyse each case under a large number of headings, all of which provide information which is relevant to the imposition of a sentence.

All subscribers now get access to a facsimile of the actual judgment.

Sentencing Tracker contains summaries of over 8,000 cases. Summaries are prepared for any case from the High Court or above, and for interesting or significant cases from other judicial bodies.

This service sources all the data used from the actual judgments. Where a case entry has references to statutes, regulations, cases cited and texts, the information is extracted from the judgment. If a case is subsequently reported or noted in a secondary publication, the citation is added to the database.

Sentencing Tracker is an essential resource for any lawyer who is involved in criminal litigation and defence or prosecution. Because the database focuses on sentences delivered, this service is also important for lawyers with clients involved in industries or activities where sanctions are imposed. This includes environmental law, employment and fisheries law.



New Zealand Sentencing Tracker analyses each sentencing case under the following headings, all of which are searchable either separately or in combination:

  • Principal Offence: Principal offence(s) to which the lead sentence relates and any offences for which cumulative terms have been imposed;

  • Related Offence: Offending for which concurrent sentence has been imposed;

  • Offender: Name, gender and age where given;

  • Plea: Guilty/Not guilty/Mixed;

  • Custodial Sentence: Including life, preventive detention, suspended sentences;

  • Minimum Non-Parole: Where given in judgment - includes any change on appeal;

  • Non-Custodial Sentences: All other sentences (e.g., community work, supervision, fines, cost orders, disqualification orders);

  • Appeal: General effect of appeal, including any changes to suspended sentences;

  • To be served: Contains a breakdown of the custodial sentence where given;

  • Home Detention: Whether leave to appeal granted. Includes any change on appeal;

  • Related Sentences: May include sentences which are the subject of an activated suspended sentence, not related to the main offending, etc;

  • Aggravating Factors: Where given in judgment (e.g., search “weapon” for actual/threatened use of weapon, “previous convictions”, etc);

  • Mitigating Factors: Where given in judgment (e.g., search terms such as “age”, “guilty” for guilty plea, “remorse”, etc);

  • Previous Convictions: Where given in judgment;

  • Notes: Crown appeals and historical offending noted, as well as other miscellaneous information;

  • Counsel: Crown counsel are distinguished from opposing counsel;

  • Victim: Gender and age where given.

  • Crimes Act 1961
  • Misuse of Drugs Act 1975
  • Land Transport Act 1998
  • Resource Management Act 1991
  • Building Act 2004
  • Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
  • Commerce Act 1986
  • Fisheries Act 1983

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