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Drafting Assistant

Cut your proofreading time in half

Identify, assess, resolve. Cut your proofreading time in half.

What if you could identify, assess and resolve your drafting issues simultaneously in both your legal document and all related documents?

Drafting Assistant integrates with Microsoft Word to scan your legal documents and identify common inconsistencies such as defined terms, omissions, cross-reference discrepancies and more, allowing your legal talent to spend more time providing key strategic advice.

Key features

Minimise risk by reducing contract drafting errors

Increase efficiency by reducing proofreading time

Analyse & edit PDFs with seamless conversion to MS Word

Deal Proof – Real-time analysis provides a snapshot of outstanding issues, to quickly assess and resolve drafting issues within the document. 

Document Builder — Drafting Assistant works with document automation tools to help proofread and create documents.

Simple interface – Drafting Assistant integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word - simply click the "Deal Proof" icon to review any flagged issues within the document. 

PDF Convertor – PDF files can instantly be converted to Microsoft Word files, to allow quick and seamless assessment and resolution of drafting issues.

Minimise Risk. Increase Efficiency

Over eight in ten lawyers agree that Drafting Assistant identifies errors that may have otherwise been missed. 

Thomson Reuters Customer Survey - 2016

Find out how Drafting Assistant can help you.

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