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Checkpoint® NZ

Online tax and accounting information

To be sure of positive results, you need access to the right knowledge and Thomson Reuters Checkpoint® offers just that. It is a powerful online information service built for New Zealand tax and accounting professionals.

Checkpoint® provides access to top-quality, up-to-date resources including legislation, commentary and compliance requirements. It is quick and easy to use, allowing you to get a hold of the knowledge you need — faster.

The service is based on a premier global Thomson Reuters tax and accounting platform. Using this understanding — paired with the latest technology and design — we developed a system relevant to New Zealand professionals. We're putting major focus on providing leading edge products and services for tax and accounting professionals.

Looking ahead, we'll continue to grow and update the platform by incorporating cloud-based solutions and expanding our product offering.

Checkpoint® features and benefits

Checkpoint® is our powerful online tax and accounting information service designed and developed locally for New Zealand professionals. It provides easier and greater access to legislation, commentary and compliance requirements allowing you to get a hold of the knowledge you need – faster. The platform blends cutting-edge technology, editorial insight and news updates with intelligent linking to related content, making your research experience easier, faster and more accurate.

Superior Content

Checkpoint provides robust content written by authoritative tax, accounting, and legal specialists and is supported by our in-house team of writers and editors.

Economic value

Checkpoint offers practice-area based packages at highly competitive rates. These packages can then be customised with additional Checkpoint components to best meet budget requirements and research needs.

Timely alerts and updates

Updates are implemented regularly, often within 24 hours of a change or development being announced.


Checkpoint allows you to customise your content subscription, choose how you want to search and what you want to see on your screen at any time. Includes flexible and intuitive navigation options.

Practical solutions

Checkpoint has fully integrated searching that allows you to search across multiple interlinked databases. Content is written in plain-English and includes downloadable templates, checklists, model documents and tools.

Checkpoint® practice area packages

Providing clarity in the complex world of tax and accounting. Find the answers you need, when you need them.

Purchasing your Checkpoint® practice area package is as easy as:

1. Choose your practice area



Financial reporting





HR & Employment

2. Choose your level of content




3. Tell us how many users in your firm

Purpose built for New Zealand tax and accounting professionals, the Checkpoint® platform offers:

Simple search

Fast, relevant linking

Fluid, intuitive navigation

Content you can trust

Client ID to track time on projects

Checkpoint® Product Index

Find out how Checkpoint® can help you.

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