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Practical legal knowledge and resources to help get your work done.

Know-How is a unique combination of expertly crafted legal workflow and precedents.

Ensure quality outcomes and improve efficiency and productivity in your practice.

What is Know-How?

Available exclusively on Westlaw NZ, Know-How is a new workflow solution from Thomson Reuters which delivers a task oriented step by step guide through legal matters.

Each workflow step combines expertly authored guidance on that step, the identification of tasks related to the step, and seamless integration with relevant checklists and downloadable forms and precedents from Brookers Precedents products on Westlaw NZ.

Used as a productivity tool, Know-How serves as both an aide-mémoire and guide for more senior practitioners, and is ideal for supervising and training less experienced staff.

Intuitive and up-to-date, Know-How will become an indispensable partner in your practice.

The first Know-How products Civil Litigation and Criminal Litigation are available now.

What does Know-How include?

Step by step guide  processes are mapped out into clear and simple steps that efficiently guide you towards the right outcomes.

    Expert guidance - each step is accompanied by expertly written practical assistance and advice.

    Tasks - the steps provide a separate list of tasks that need to be completed at each stage of a process.

    Notes and Further Reading references - highlight and link to related materials that provide guidance and supplementary information.

    Forms and precedents - downloadable templates provided in context for immediate use. Download a precedent as a Microsoft Word document. Used in conjunction with the unique Thomson Reuters Precedents Drafting Aide, users can save and adapt precedents to their own, specific needs.

    Same platform access - related research publications and additional precedents are also available on Westlaw NZ, subject to subscription.

View Sample Legal Workflows:

Why Choose Know-How?

Currency that will keep you agile

With updates throughout the year from experienced practitioner authors, you can be confident that our workflow and precedents reflect the significance of ongoing legislative and regulatory change.

Day-to-day workflow, precedents, and research together on one powerful platform

Seamlessly move between workflows, precedents, and research and enjoy all the authority, reliability and flexibility of Westlaw NZ.

Achieve day-to-day efficiency

Whether you are managing high-volume work, coming new to a particular area of practice or supervising more junior members of staff, Know-How helps you save time and money. Know-How ensures no steps are missed and tasks are accurately completed so you can minimise risk of mistakes and maximise time and cost efficiencies for your business and your clients.

Start your free Know-How trial today.