• Criminal Appeals and Reviews - (Book) Forthcoming Release 31/12/2018
    Book 9781988553580
    Christopher Corns, Douglas Ewen Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Co-authored by Christopher Corns and Douglas Ewen Criminal Appeals and Reviews in New Zealand is a comprehensive, practical and authoritative guide to the law and practice relevant to Criminal appeals... More
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    Pre-order: This item will be available on: 31 Dec 2018
  • Adams Student Edition 2018 01/12/2017
    Book 9781988504759
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Adams on Criminal Law has been New Zealand’s most trusted criminal law reference for over 40 years.... More
  • Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Adams on Criminal Law has been New Zealand’s most trusted criminal law reference for over 40 years.... More
  • Nessa Lynch Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Youth Justice in New Zealand -2nd Edition critiques law, theory and practice in the New Zealand youth justice system.... More
  • Parole in New Zealand: Law and Practice (Book) 16/06/2016
    Book 9780947486358
    David Mather Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    This book provides an overview of the Parole Act 2002, discussion of the structure and functions of the Parole Board and a detailed commentary on the parole system in New Zealand.... More
  • Misuse of Drugs (Book) 11/12/2015
    Book 9780947486068
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Misuse of Drugs has for many years enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as the core reference on the laws of drug misuse and trafficking.... More
  • Jeremy Finn, Don Mathias Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Since its publication in 2013, Criminal Procedure in New Zealand has been the leading text on the Criminal Procedure Act 2011.... More
  • Warren J Brookbanks Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Much has been written about therapeutic jurisprudence since it first emerged as a “tonic for what ails mental health law” (Paul S Appelbaum) in the late 1980s.... More
  • Forensic Science and the Law (Book) 29/11/2013
    Book 9780864728418
    Anna Sandiford Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    This text provides readers with practical insights into many of the key areas of forensic science encountered in criminal and traffic cases.... More
  • Principles of Evidence in Criminal Cases 01/12/2012
    Book 9780864727633
    Elisabeth McDonald Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Principles of Evidence in Criminal Cases provides a starting point for anyone studying the law of evidence as it applies in criminal proceedings.... More
  • Search and Surveillance: Act & Analysis (Book) 01/12/2012
    Book 9780864727770
    Richard Mahoney, Neville Trendle, Warren Young Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    Written by New Zealand’s foremost experts on the law of search and surveillance, this work is a comprehensive and practical guide to the Act.... More
  • Essays on Criminal Law: A Tribute 01/03/2004
    Book 30123597
    Thomson Reuters NEW ZEALAND
    The essays in this book are a tribute to a man who was an eminent academic, astute practitioner and wise counsellor.... More
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