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Thomson Reuters New Zealand is renowned for its loose-leaf and online services like McGechan on Procedure and Adams on Criminal Law, and its leading texts such as The Law of Torts in New Zealand and Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand.

These titles are known to virtually every lawyer, academic and law student in the country. Written to a consistently high standard, these flagship works enjoy reputation that is second-to-none for the high standard of their scholarship, currency and utility. They are also the standard against which all other Thomson Reuters publications are measured and they encourage the authors of other Thomson Reuters publications to aspire to the same high standards.

Thus, the strength of Thomson Reuters brand as a legal publisher is strongly linked to the quality of its publications and the quality of work of its authors.  Indeed our authors are the fuel that powers the Thomson Reuters publishing machine. Many of them are recognised experts in their fields and their writing and scholarship make a significant contribution to the body of legal knowledge that is of equal utility to legal academics, students and practitioners.

The preeminent status enjoyed by these works is not a happy accident. They have been created by dedicated authors who have been determined to aspire to the highest standards of scholarship. Without their efforts Thomson Reuters New Zealand would not enjoy its current reputation as the leading publisher of law texts in New Zealand. Their writing impacts on, and influences, the way in which our lawyers, judges and academics think about, understand and practice the law.

Partnership - Our In-House Editors plus Authors

Thomson Reuters values its authors and ensures that its “in-house” staff work collaboratively with them to ensure that the quality of their publications attains the high standard for which our publishing house is renowned. This synergy between publisher and author is becoming increasingly rare in the legal publishing world but Thomson Reuters strives to retain this relationship and to give authors the confidence that they are assisted by a New Zealand-based team who understand the law in this country and who are readily available for authors to consult with. The end result of this relationship is publications in which authors and publisher alike can take pride.

It is this relationship between publisher and authors that gives Thomson Reuters works their strength and enduring qualities. It goes without saying that Thomson Reuters places the highest value on its authors and the contribution that they make to our brand and reputation as a legal publisher.

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