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A to Z of
New Zealand Law

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A to Z is a dynamic online topic based treatment of New Zealand law that gets you up to speed on a legal issue quickly, and acts as a springboard for wider research. Sign up for a free trial and experience the power of A to Z for yourself.

A to Z topics

Your first point of reference

With 54 key topics available now, A to Z of New Zealand Law will deliver to you expertly penned and detailed analysis from highly respected Thomson Reuters titles, such as Todd on Torts,  Joseph on Constitutional and Administrative Law, Waking the Taniwha: Māori Governance in the 21st Century and Corporate Law in New Zealand, as well as a number of major new titles to be released progressively.

When complete, A to Z of New Zealand Law will comprise 64 major topic areas and an ever-evolving number of specialised sub-topics, united by the same classification scheme used by Briefcase and the New Zealand Legal Writing Index, and will provide the first point of reference for research on any legal topic.



Consulting Editor-in-Chief, A to Z of New Zealand Law

Sir Peter Blanchard is one of New Zealand’s outstanding jurists. He was a partner in the Auckland office of law firm Simpson Grierson and a director of several listed companies until his appointment to the High Court in 1992. He became a Judge of the Court of Appeal in 1996 and of the Supreme Court of New Zealand in 2004 where he sat until retiring in 2012. He was appointed a Privy Councillor in 1998 and is a former Law Commissioner.

Sir Peter has been instrumental to the development and vision of A to Z of New Zealand Law since it launched in 2014.  As Consulting-Editor-in-Chief he has oversight of the collection as a whole, from topic scope, to proposal review, to general advisor to Thomson Reuters product development.  His experience and great legal mind have shaped and led the gold standard content of A to Z of New Zealand Law.

Undertake pinpoint research

The A to Z of New Zealand Law classification scheme allows you to effortlessly find all relevant content on a particular topic across the A to Z of New Zealand Law collection.

Link to wider content

A to Z of New Zealand Law provides a 360 degree view of a topic, linking you to other relevant content including related materials and further resources, to ensure that your research is all-inclusive.

Learn from the best

Written by experts in the field and updated as the law changes, A to Z of New Zealand Law combines depth of analysis with practical guidance.

Pick and choose from the A to Z of New Zealand Law topics

When complete, A to Z of New Zealand Law will consist of 64 major topics. With flexible subscription options available, select all A to Z topics or only those in your areas of specialisation.

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