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Personal Grievance Tracker - Westlaw NZ


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Personal Grievance Tracker - Westlaw NZ

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Personal Grievance Tracker - Westlaw NZ


Available exclusively on Westlaw NZ, Personal Grievance Tracker is a comprehensive, searchable collection of personal grievance cases, allowing users to conduct specialised research based on the specific details of personal grievance cases and their outcomes.

Personal Grievance Tracker includes approximately 3,500 cases, covering nearly 9,000 individual personal grievances since the Employment Relations Act 2000 came into force and additional relevant cases from the former Employment Contracts Act 1991 regime.

Personal Grievance Tracker is updated daily, as relevant judgments and decisions are released.


Our editors provide specialist analysis of thousands of cases and a unique search template enables users to conduct research over the relevant circumstances of each personal grievance award. Using the advanced search template, users can quickly identify relevant cases using a number of factors, as:

  • The nature of the grievance, such as discrimination, harassment, procedural unfairness, unjustified disadvantage or unjustified dismissal, and the specific grounds such as unjustified dismissal for misconduct outside work or procedural unfairness for bias and predetermination
  • The basis of any claim for unjustified dismissal, such as misconduct,
  • The nature of the employment relationship, such as whether the employee is in permanent part-time employment under a collective employment agreement or is in casual employment with no written agreement
  • Which party was successful in a claim – plaintiff or defendant
  • Any contributing behaviour involved
  • Cases in which interim reinstatement was awarded or refused
  • The nature of remedies provided, such as compensation, declarations, recommendations or reimbursement. Subscribers can also search for the quantum of remedies, such as cases in which the remedy exceeded $50,000 or was less than $1000
  • The basis of any penalties, such as breach of good faith obligations, failure to provide notice or failure to provide a safe workplace. Subscribers can also search for the quantum of penalty, such as cases in which the penalty was between $1,000 and $5,000 or exceeded $10,000
  • The basis on of any costs and disbursement awards, including Calderbank offers, cases in which the employer or employee had to pay costs and the quantum of costs
  • Cases in which costs exceeded a certain amount, such as $10,000
  • Details of the industry involved
  • Whether there was any applicable test of justification


Case Summaries

Summaries are written by the Thomson Reuters Cases Editors. These summaries include the facts, holdings, and outcome and give the researcher a sense of whether the case is relevant and provide memorable key words and phrases to enhance online searching.

Litigation History

Sourced from CiteCase the most sophisticated online citator available in New Zealand, the Litigation History section will display any earlier or later litigation history for the particular decision.

Cases and Legislation Cited

The Cases Cited and Legislation Cited section lists all of the cases that were cited in the particular decision.

Judgment Text and PDFs

Resource Management Tracker provides customers with access to the fully searchable text of relevant judgments and decisions of the Planning Tribunal, Environment Court, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Resource Management Tracker also includes PDFs of the original judgment delivered by the Court or Tribunal. Supreme Court cases may also include a PDF of the transcript of the Court hearing.