New Zealand Tribunals: Law & Practice (book + ebook bundle)

New Zealand Tribunals: Law & Practice (book + ebook bundle)

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Date: 21/09/2020

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Tribunals play a critical role in the lives of the public and are an important feature of the legal landscape. They resolve a greater number of disputes than the Court system and address matters ranging from employment, health, and housing to the ability to practise a profession. New Zealand Tribunals: Law and Practice was written to provide the only legal analysis of the jurisdictions, practices, procedure and current issues of the key tribunals in New Zealand.

Prepared by an expert author team, the book aims to provide practical guidance, information and analysis for lawyers and lay people appearing in front of tribunals. The tribunals covered in this book are grouped into three broad categories – personal and real property, professional regulation and rights and entitlements.* The following tribunals and reviewing authorities are examined in detail:

  • Tenancy Tribunal
  • Disputes Tribunal
  • Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal
  • Weathertight Homes
  • Copyright Tribunal
  • Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand
  • Lawyers and Conveyancers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Health Practitioners
  • Teachers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Social Security
  • Legal Aid Tribunal
  • Immigration and Protection
  • Human Rights
  • Mental Health
  • ACC

New Zealand Tribunals: Law and Practice is a valuable resource for lawyers, advocates, the general public, and the tribunals themselves.


New Zealand Tribunals: Law and Practice does not cover entities comparable to commissions of inquiry (eg the Waitangi Tribunal), independent statutory entities which are quasi-tribunals (eg the Health and Disability Commissioner and the Privacy Commissioner), tribunals which effectively form part of the Court system (eg, the Land Valuation Tribunal) tribunals which have already received significant legal and scholarly analysis elsewhere (eg Employment Relations Authority) or minor Tribunals.


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