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Know-How Legal Workflow

Corporate insolvency

Step by step information in the form of easy to follow modules about practice, procedure and the various tasks that lawyers are involved in corporate insolvency.

Corporate Insolvency Workflow and Precedents

This is the latest release in Thomson Reuters Know-How Series which is designed to provide practitioners with step by step information in the form of easy to follow modules about practice, procedure and the various tasks that lawyers involved in corporate insolvency cases need to complete. It is seamlessly integrated with relevant checklists and downloadable forms and precedents available on Westlaw NZ.

The 8 Modules step users through:

  • An introduction to corporate insolvency law
  • Detailed guidance through each of the following corporate insolvency procedures: liquidation; compromises and arrangements; receivership and voluntary administration.

Corporate Insolvency Workflow and Precedents tackles all the key practical issues such as:

  • How to apply to have a statutory demand set aside
  • A liquidator’s reporting obligations
  • How to propose a compromise
  • Appointing a receiver
  • The effect of the appointment of an administrator.

What does Resource Management Know-How include?

Step by step guide  processes are mapped out into clear and simple steps that efficiently guide you towards the right outcomes.

    Expert guidance - each step is accompanied by expertly written practical assistance and advice.

    Tasks - the steps provide a separate list of tasks that need to be completed at each stage of a process.

    Notes and Further Reading - highlight and link to related materials that provide guidance and supplementary information.

    Forms and precedents - downloadable templates provided in context for immediate use. Download a precedent as a Microsoft Word document. Used in conjunction with the unique Thomson Reuters Precedents Drafting Aide, users can save and adapt precedents to their own, specific needs.

    Same platform access - related research publications and additional precedents are also available on Westlaw NZ, subject to subscription.

Corporate Insolvency Workflow Author

Grant Slevin, LLB (Hons), LLM (Hons), Barrister Sole.

Grant Slevin graduated LLB (Hons) from the University of Canterbury and was admitted to the bar in May 2003, after many years of self-employment in the hospitality industry and journalism. He subsequently joined Wynn Williams & Co as part of its insurance law team and gained wide experience in civil litigation, before joining the Insolvency and Trustee Service of New Zealand as a senior investigating solicitor in 2010. In this role he acquired expertise in bankruptcy law and insolvency law generally, having completed a LLM (Hons) in 2014. He is a co-author of The Law of Insolvency in New Zealand and has previously contributed articles on insolvency law issues to New Zealand Business Law Quarterly and Trusts & Trustees, as well as on a range of other topics to the New Zealand Law Journal.

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