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Say hello to CoCounsel, your new GenAI Assistant.

Built on OpenAI GPT-4 technology, CoCounsel is here to transform your workflow. Simplify and speed up tasks like document review and research summarisation. Dive into your work with AI that handles the heavy lifting, letting you focus on what really matters.

Generative AI in the legal field: Hype vs. Reality

AI @ Thomson Reuters: Westlaw Precision

In March 2024, we brought together six top lawyers from leading firms to see how well CoCounsel stands up against traditional legal processes. Here’s what they had to say.

Coming soon: Ask Practical Law AI

Get ready for Ask Practical Law AI, which will soon revolutionise your legal research with quick, AI-powered answers. 

You'll be able to ask questions easily and get relevant resources from extensive US and UK content. As an integral component of our dynamic toolset, Ask Practical Law AI will offer concise, validated answers connected to Practical Law's trusted content, all in a dynamic, user-friendly interface.

AI @ Thomson Reuters: Practical Law video

Not all generative AI is created equal

Align yourself with a global leader that brings a legacy of trust and innovation to everything we do. You can rely on the results you generate using Thomson Reuters AI – built by legal experts, for legal experts.

Generate trust

Reimagine the way you work with legally focused generative AI you can trust.

Generate change

Establish new workflows and create your law practice of tomorrow with generative AI.

Generate results

Get quick, accurate results with generative AI so that you can spend more time with clients.

Our investment in human expertise and AI

$100 million

Investing over $100 million per year in generative AI technologies such as large language model (LLM) and chat-based conversational interfaces.

150+ years

Providing professionals with a trusted, accurate source of legal and tax content, cultivated by over 2000 subject matter experts, for more than 150 years.

30+ years

Over 30 years of deploying AI and language models culminating in award-winning solutions such as Westlaw, Practical Law and Checkpoint.

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