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Civil Litigation Workflow Brochure
Civil Litigation Workflow
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Civil Litigation Workflow and Precedents

Civil Litigation Know-How is designed to provide litigators with step by step information in the form of easy to follow modules about practice, procedure and the various tasks that lawyers involved in civil litigation cases need to complete.

In this first release, Civil Litigation Know-How covers the steps that need to be taken by lawyers when they are:

  1. Considering whether a case should be litigated;
  2. Preparing a case for civil litigation;
  3. Dealing with the case management process;
  4. Preparing for and running short trials or simplified trials in the District Courts;
  5. Preparing for and running summary judgment applications in the High Court or District Courts;
  6. Enforcing judgments of the District Courts;
  7. Appealing against judgments of the District Courts.

The modules are designed to be used by those new to civil litigation, non–specialist lawyers who occasionally undertake civil litigation, senior litigators who wish to delegate various litigation tasks to more junior practitioners, and experienced practitioners who need to refresh their memories about aspects of civil litigation that they have not dealt with for a while.

Following this initial release, additional workflows will continue to be added to Civil Litigation Know-How with the objective of providing users with a complete suite of modules covering every major aspect of civil litigation practice and process.

Civil Litigation General Editor

Judge Roderick Joyce

Roderick Joyce QSO, QC

Following two partnerships in law firms, Rod commenced practice as a barrister sole in 1975. He was appointed Queen's Counsel 1985, and has served as Judge of the District Courts of New Zealand from 1993 until 2014.



Civil Litigation Expert Authors

Doug Ewen

Douglas Ewen

Douglas is the architect of the Civil Litigation workflow steps and author of the expert guidance that accompanies each step. Douglas has practiced as a barrister since 1996. His work varies from human rights cases and judicial review to criminal jury trials and appeals.

Hayden WilsonHelen Brown Kensington Swan

Hayden Wilson & Helen Brown, Kensington Swan

Kensington Swan are the authors of the Brookers Civil Litigation Precedents on Westlaw NZ which are an integral part of the Civil Litigation Know-How solution.

The expertly drafted precedents, together with a comprehensive collection of prescribed forms, are extensively referenced, with links, from the steps in the Civil Litigation workflow.



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