Competition Law in New Zealand (Book)

Competition Law in New Zealand (Book)

Chris Noonan


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Date: 23/12/2017

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Competition Law in New Zealand is complete a statement and analysis of competition law and policy and economic regulation in New Zealand. Focusing on the Commerce Act 1986, and including analysis of the recently passed Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2017, as well as the Telecommunications Act 2001 and the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001, the book explores the origins and application of the legislation and the underlying economic concepts.

This is a significant text bringing together the necessary practical elements of competition law with in-depth scholarly analysis. By doing so it demystifies the complexities of New Zealand’s system of competition and economic regulation at the same time as providing a resource for deeper research and understanding of competition law.

Beginning with the an outline of competition law in New Zealand, the text expands to examine competition economics, market definition and power, application of the principal Act and anti-competitive arrangements. It then moves into discussion of cartel conduct, horizontal and vertical arrangements, misuse of market power, intellectual property and innovation, mergers and acquisitions, and the authorisation process. The final chapters analyse regulated goods and services, economic regulation industries, and investigation and enforcement.

The depth and quality of this commentary ensures that it is an essential resource for commercial and company lawyers, in-house counsel, academics and any professional dealing with competition and regulatory matters.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1          Origins and Outline of Competition Law in New Zealand

Chapter 2          Competition Economics

Chapter 3          Market Definition and Market Power

Chapter 4          Scope of Application of the Commerce Act

Chapter 5          Anticompetitive Arrangements

Chapter 6          Cartel Conduct

Chapter 7          Horizontal Arrangements

Chapter 8          Misuse of Market Power

Chapter 9          Vertical Arrangements

Chapter 10        Resale Price Maintenance and Intra-Brand Vertical Restraints

Chapter 11        Innovation and Intellectual Property

Chapter 12        Mergers and Acquisitions

Chapter 13        Authorisation

Chapter 14        Regulated Goods or Services

Chapter 15        Regulated Industries

Chapter 16        Investigation and Enforcement