A New Zealand Legal History - 2nd Edition

A New Zealand Legal History - 2nd Edition

Peter Spiller, Jeremy Finn, Richard Boast


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Date: 01/11/2001

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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A New Zealand Legal History 2nd Edition offers a summary of the major historical themes of New Zealand’s legal development since European colonisation. Particular attention is paid to four key issues:

  • New Zealand’s legal heritage. In particular, the role played by the English to influence our legal heritage.
  • The growing importance of New Zealand’s own legal environment and the local modifications implemented largely through statute law.
  • The unique role played by Maori values embodied in particular in the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • The development of New Zealand’s legal institutions by our judges and lawyers and the emergence of a definable New Zealand jurisprudence.

Revisions from the first edition has allowed new historical research and material to be included around the legal history of Maori land alienation, Native Land Court, Crown purchasing, consolidation schemes and the history of Maori Land Boards.

Commentary has also been added to this edition around changes in personnel in the District Court, the new Chief Justice, the new President of the Court of Appeal, developments relating to the Privy Council and possible changes to the District and New Zealand Law Societies and Queen’s Council relating to professional responsibilities and legal ethics.