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A to Z of New Zealand
Law Topics

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When complete, A to Z will consist of 64 major topics, and there will be an ever evolving number of specialised topics. The major topics, along with those specialised topics that have been released, are listed below.

Topics available now:

  • Accident Compensation provides an authoritative treatment of the law of accident compensation in New Zealand. Accident Compensation details the relationship of accident compensation to the Common Law, including the ambit of cover and non-compensatory damages, and the operation of the accident compensation regime.

  • This topic provides an authoritative treatment of administrative law in New Zealand. Detailing all aspects of administrative law including Judicial Review, Illegality, Unreasonableness, Procedural Impropriety, Delegated Legislation, Public Law Remedies and Bill of Rights.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Arbitration is a comprehensive treatment of the law of arbitration in New Zealand, providing detailed coverage of all the essential features of arbitration in New Zealand.

    Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation is currently in development

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation provides a skills based analysis of mediation practice, and offers practical advice for mediators and mediation advocates.

  • Animals provides a detailed treatment of New Zealand’s animal welfare legislation and Codes of Welfare. It explains the practical implications of different animal laws including the use of animals in research and testing, transport of livestock, dog control officers and powers, veterinary law, and much more.

  • Bankruptcy deals with personal insolvency law and includes a full treatment of the statutory scheme of bankruptcy in the Insolvency Act 2006 and its alternatives.

  • Charities is a detailed and authoritative commentary on New Zealand's law of charity and charitable trusts. It draws upon authorities from New Zealand, the Commonwealth and the United States to illustrate the fundamental principles and many of the complexities of the law of charity.

  • Civil Procedure provides a clear and concise overview of the principles, themes and practical requirements that underpin the system of civil procedure in New Zealand.

  • Commercial – Competition provides a complete statement and analysis of competition law and policy and economic regulation in New Zealand.

  • Commercial Law - E-Commerce provides an invaluable guide to the legal concepts underpinning online business in New Zealand.

  • Commerial Law - Sale of Goods explains the substantive rules of law in respect of contracts for the sale of goods contained in pt 3 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, written to the new legislation, terminology and in a uniquely domestic context.

  • Commercial Law - Securities provides a clear understanding of the range of complex and often interrelated areas of law governing secured transactions.

  • Telecommunications Law in New Zealand sets out the laws, regulations and regulatory decisions that govern activities in the telecommunications sector.

  • Company Law provides a comprehensive treatment of New Zealand company and securities law and regulations from the choice of business structures through corporate governance, takeovers, amalgamations and arrangements, and financial markets.

  • Constitutional Law provides an authoritative treatment of constitutional law in New Zealand.

  • Contract - Misrepresentation provides a new commentary on the way private law deals with falsehoods, in the form of misrepresentations, misleading and deceptive conduct, and deceit.

  • Criminal Justice - Parole provides an overview of the Parole Act 2002, discussion of the structure and functions of the Parole Board and a detailed commentary on the parole system in New Zealand.

  • Sentencing Law in New Zealand covers all major aspects of sentencing law and procedure, combining in-depth analysis with practical and procedural guidance to meet the needs of practitioners and academics alike.

  • Criminal Law provides in-depth analysis of criminal law in New Zealand, including expert treatment of the rules, underlying principles, and policies governing criminal liability.

  • Criminal Law - Youth Justice addresses the law, theory and practice behind the New Zealand youth justice system, including critiquing the major reforms and providing current guidance.

  • Extradition Law in New Zealand is a descriptive and analytical statement of the laws and court practices of extradition in New Zealand. It aims to simplify the complex conditions and processes of extradition and balancing of criminal activity and the human rights of the person whose extradition is requested while following a logical progression of extradition proceedings.

  • Criminal Procedure provides authoritative and clear guidance on the procedures that need to be followed at every stage from arrest through to trial.

  • Employment Law, Health & Safety provides a comprehensive guide to the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, collating relevant case law, legislative, policy and international discussion.

  • Environment and Natural Resources is an in depth commentary on the range of distinct but often interconnected areas of law that comprise the field of environmental law.

  • Equity provides an authoritative treatment of the law of equity in New Zealand, including fiduciary relationships, equitable remedies and defences and equity in the context of other legal topics, such as joint ventures, family law, restitution and Maori law.

  • Evidence - Forensic explains different aspects of forensic science in a nontechnical way which is designed to give the non-scientist the tools to be able to understand the most common forensic science issues duing the investigation and litigation stages of criminial and traffic proceedings.

  • Gaming and Lotteries is a comprehensive guide to the law that relates to the various forms of gambling in New Zealand, including the law surrounding sales promotion schemes. It provides a clear and concise statement of the law and how to apply it, accompanied by case law discussion and guidance gathered from extensive practice and research.

  • Health Law is an authoritative account of the law relating to medical and health care law in New Zealand.

  • Human Rights sets out the international legal framework of human rights law, its elaboration in regional systems and the extent to which that framework has been given effect to in New Zealand law and practice.

  • Insolvency provides a comprehensive explanation of New Zealand insolvency law, covering corporate collapse, receivership, compromises with creditors, voluntary administration and liquidation.

  • Insurance is a comprehensive guide to all major aspects of insurance law in New Zealand, and is an indispensible reference for all New Zealand law practitioners.

  • Intellectual Property provides an authoritative treatment of the key principles of intellectual property law in New Zealand and covers patents, plant variety rights, copyright, layout designs, trademarks, domain names, and passing off.

  • Local Government provides an authoritative treatment of the law relating to local government and local authorities and deals with all aspects of the law affecting local authorities.

  • Maritime provides the wider context in which maritime law issues are dealt with in the New Zealand legal system, as well as valuable guidance on the extensive international law sources that characterise this field.

  • Media Law provides a detailed analysis of New Zealand’s median and entertainment law in a modern framework. Media and entertainment law is a growing and rapidly changing area of law, governed by domestic legislation and challenged by emerging new media such as online news and publishing, blogs, twitter, reddit, and facebook.

  • Mental Health provides a unique analysis of the interaction between the mental health system and the law in New Zealand. It provides extensive commentary and discussion on mental health law and practice and provides clear practical guidance on and understanding of complex clinical realities that arise in this area of legal and medical practice.

  • Privacy provides a comprehensive treatment of the law of privacy, including considerations such as the concept of privacy and its status in the law, privacy and competing interests, the development of the tort of invasion of privacy, the limited statutory protection of privacy and the application of privacy law in various contexts.

  • Property contains up to date commentary on the land transfer and unit titles regimes. As well as covering important changes in relation to discrete areas of land law.

  • Remedies provides a definitive reference point for practitioners, judges and others seeking to find the appropriate remedy for liability in civil law in New Zealand.

  • Taxation - General analyses all the major areas of taxation as they are applied in New Zealand, taking a practical and uncomplicated approach to the principles of laws of taxation.

  • Taxation - GST provides readers with an in-depth commentary, practical advice and application of the law of GST in New Zealand.

  • Taxation - International provides a clear understanding of the legal principles and concepts that underpin international tax law and cross border transactions and provides practical guidance to assist users to navigate their way through this complex topic.

  • Taxation - Property provides practical approach to the tax law related to both real property and personal property transactions

  • Tort provides a detailed treatment of the law of torts in New Zealand, assessing the principles of torts in the light of their objectives and likely consequences and giving close attention to the policies underlying the law.

  • Trusts provides an authoritative treatment of the law of trusts in New Zealand, covering all aspects of trust law.

In development:

  • Armed Forces
  • Bank & Finance
  • Building
  • Employment
  • Evidence
  • Family
  • Guarantees
  • Internet and new technologies
  • Partnership
  • Societies and associations
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