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Sale of Alcohol

Sale of Alcohol & Sale and Supply of Alcohol Handbook 2023

Sale of Alcohol is a complete, self-contained reference to New Zealand law on the sale and supply of alcohol available in online (Westlaw NZ), looseleaf and eBook (ProView) formats. Its authors have updated and maintained Sale of Alcohol since its publication in 1989 (then named Sale of Liquor) bringing a real depth of experience and authority to the work.

Katia Fraser

Katia has considerable experience in the alcohol licensing area, having advised applicants, District Licensing Agencies, Licensing Inspectors, and objectors since 1994. She is Special Counsel at RiceSpeir and has been a member of a District Licensing Committee since 2013. She has a very thorough knowledge of the principles and operation of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

In addition to alcohol licensing, Katia has developed specialist skills in all aspects of regulatory law, including planning and council procedures, resource consents, environmental disputes resolution, as well as managing large consenting projects.

Alastair Sherriff

Alastair is a consultant with Buddle Findlay Wellington, and he was previously a partner in the firm for over 25 years. He advises public and private sector clients on employment, health and safety in employment, education and gaming, and has appeared as counsel representing clients in inquiries, tribunals, mediations and courts on these and related issues.
Alastair has significant experience in alcohol licensing, having appeared as counsel in many of the leading liquor cases over the past 25 years, representing applicants, objectors and other interested parties.
Alastair also peer reviews the publication New Zealand Gambling Law Guide.

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Legislation Handbook 2023

In addition to Sale of Alcohol, both authors oversaw the preparation of Sale and Supply of Alcohol Legislation Handbook 2023.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Legislation Handbook 2023 features key legislation and regulations supplemented by a practical introduction that outlines the history and development of sale and supply of alcohol law in New Zealand and describes the key features and amendments of the Act, and its application. The new edition includes the full text of the Evidence Act 2006 for the first time, along with the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1908, and the Regulations made under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. 

Available in eBook and hard print format, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Legislation Handbook 2023 is one of our best sellers.