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Bryan A Garner
West Group, USA
Book 9780314621306 05/05/2014 Sale Price: Price: $177.39 + GST You Save:

For more than a century, Black's Law Dictionary has been the gold standard for the language of law... more

James Hawes, Amanda Dwight
West Group, USA
Book 9780314629470 25/03/2014 Sale Price: Price: $746.96 + GST You Save:

This is the only current and fully annotated guide to the proper practice and procedure for handling trademarks before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. .. more

Book 9780314629562 22/03/2014 Sale Price: Price: $568.70 + GST You Save:

Generic Pharmaceutical Patent and FDA Law covers Food and Drug Administration (FDA)approval of generic drugs and the interaction of patents and FDA law... more

Book 9780314633637 20/03/2014 Sale Price: Price: $996.52 + GST You Save:

Designed for patent practitioners or researchers, this work provides you with a resource to turn to for a quick, up-to-date, on point reference to developments in the growing body of patent law... more

Book 9780314627209 15/03/2014 Sale Price: Price: $464.37 + GST You Save:

Written by Fragomen Global, the leading provider of immigration services and solutions for the corporate sector in the US, the handbook provides vital information on worldwide immigration laws and procedures... more

Book 9780379012859 07/03/2014 Sale Price: Price: $480.39 + GST You Save:

International Insurance Law and Regulation is a comprehensive collection of commentary from internationally recognized practitioners who are experts in their jurisdictions... more

Book 9780314821584 27/02/2014 Sale Price: Price: $748.00 + GST You Save:

A complete guide with practical advice for evaluating, minimizing, and avoiding the risks of lender liability claims, Lender Liability: Law, Practice and Prevention covers the legal theories, cases,.. more

Book 9780314802019 08/02/2014 Sale Price: Price: $460.66 + GST You Save:

Written by members of MULTILAW, one of the world's leading associations of independent law firms, Media, Advertising, and Entertainment Law Throughout the World provides a concise and current overview.. more

Book 9780314291936 01/02/2014 Sale Price: Price: $104.00 + GST You Save:

Driving Corporate Social Responsibility provides an authoritative, insider's perspective on establishing strategies that drive business goals, while promoting sustainability and positive corporate.. more

Book 9780314621269 15/07/2013 Sale Price: Price: $193.00 + GST You Save:

Excellence in Cross-Examination provides a novel approach to teaching the necessary tools of effective cross-examination... more

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