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All-in-one platform

Made for the way lawyers work and think
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So, why choose Westlaw

Our local technology and research teams are working with lawyers to address everything that makes legal research traditionally difficult. Finally, there's an all-in-one intelligent platform designed for the way lawyers work, and think.

Ask, click and go

Ask, click and go

Just start typing

Don't waste your time with complex queries and multiple search attempts. Westlaw now gives you the freedom to search the way you think, with Natural Legal Language search. Free up time by getting directly to authoritative sources.

Hello, smart research

From the first key stroke of your query Westlaw anticipates and suggests a direct path to what you're looking for. Enjoy quick insights, and links to relevant documents that appear even before you've finished typing.

Search everything, simply

Checking numerous sites and sources? Feeling unproductive? Switch to Westlaw, for best access to everything legal. Beyond cases and legislation, quickly search commentaries, journals, news and Practical Law. Search results are conveniently categorised for easy browsing.

Speed to answer

Speed to answer

Improved response

Because you need it now. Westlaw provides a powerful new global search capability which dramatically improves response times. Simply input any citation and be taken directly to a document that's right on point. Done already.

Superior readability

It can be challenging to read complex legal resources online. Reading mode on Westlaw provides a superior reading experience. Scroll and closely read large volumes of text, from top to bottom, to quickly find and digest the information you're looking for.

Quick insights

Ask and you shall receive. Westlaw Law Summaries feature suggests one or more potential responses to a question you've entered. From there, you can effortlessly access relevant underlying primary sources. Quicker insights because time, matters.

you're done

Confidence you're done

Miss nothing

Easily connect with exactly what you need. Start or refine your search with our KeyNumber ™ Classification System. Confidently navigate through less familiar areas of law by legal issue, or KeyNumber ™. Totally unique and only available on Westlaw.

Stay current

Be the expert your clients need you to be with KeyCite™, Thomson Reuters' leading global citator. Instantly see Citing Relationships by point of law and confirm the currency and good law status of cases, statutes, regulations, or administrative decisions.

Expand your scope

Westlaw features more content than ever before with more than 100,000 new citations, expanded legislation, and a vast array of specialist content. Supplement your subscription with one-off purchasing directly from search results. It's all within reach.


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