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Inform case strategy with similar case outcomes and decisions

Tracker Analytics is a searchable collection of indexed case outcomes and summaries to help you make effective decisions and set case strategy. Inform each step of your case journey with on-point trends from similar cases in seconds with user friendly Interactive Data Visualisation, Filters and Full Text Search to get the important information you need.

Our in-house legal, product, engineering and user experience teams created Tracker Analytics by designing and testing the experience with legal professionals like you. So you can be sure you've got all the advanced legal technology and information you need to work achieve optimal results for your client.

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Why Tracker Analytics?

Speed to answer

Tracker Analytics makes complex search simple by providing the important information you need front and center. Get data-driven insights on judges, courts, lawyers, law firms, case types and outcomes within specialised areas of litigation at the click of a button. Slice and dice outcomes and decisions the way you need to inform your strategy.

Save time

Use interactive visualisations and data filters to get answers faster as they offer a clear and simple overview of the information you need on key points of comparison in sentencing cases, personal grievance claims, and ACC appeals. In addition, resource management and OSH prosecutions allow you to find and access relevant case decisions related to your specific research issue.


Information the way you like it. Save relevant case outcomes and summaries so you can refer to them later. Get notifications of changes in your matter, save and share case outcomes and trends with your colleagues.

Areas covered by our Tracker Analytics products


Compare the sentences handed down for the same offence

Personal Grievance

Compare awards and remedies granted in similar grievance claims

Resource Management

Compare the outcomes of similar prosecutions under the Resource Management Act

Accident Compensation

Compare the outcome of ACC appeals involving similar injuries


Compare the outcomes of similar health and safety prosecutions

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