Charting the Path of AI Governance

4th October 2023

1pm AEDT
10am SGT/HKT
11am JST
3pm NZST
6am GST
7:30am IST


Online webinar

While the rapidly advancing landscape of generative AI presents unprecedented opportunities, it also heightens the risk of data breaches and IP threats, placing general counsel and company secretaries under increased pressure to safeguard highly sensitive corporate data.

The latest Tech & the Law 2023 report underscores this momentum and highlights that 49% of in-house counsel are already training their organisations on the risks associated with generative AI use.

Forging a robust AI governance and ethics framework anchored on continuous risk management and human oversight is key to a secure transformative future. Join us for: TechFuture: Charting the Path of AI Governance, a webinar designed for business leaders at the helm of organisational strategy such as General Counsels, CTOs, CCOs and Company Secretaries.

Our panel will share real-world roadmaps for AI governance, streamlining processes to achieve efficiencies across compliance, risk management and legal operations and engaging key stakeholders, including the board of directors, to adopt best practices in this AI-powered world.


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Meet the panel: 

Clayton Noble
Head of ANZ Legal,

Anna Lozynski
Legal Innovation Consultant,
Freelance GC 

Jessica Amos
Data Privacy Officer & Legal Counsel
L’Oreal ANZ

Dr. Amandeep Sidhu

Professor IT & Health Science

Ontario Tech University

Katherine Jones

Partner (Digital Governance)

Colin Biggers & Paisley

Shirsha Ray Chaudhuri
Director of Engineering
TR Labs

What business leaders are saying about TechFuture:

Enjoyed the expert (views) around humans and AI in the coming years
Very relevant and touched on recent topics and market practices.
The different perspectives on how generative AI has, and will continue to impact the industry (was most valuable)

Areas of discussion:

  • The AI governance framework: Explore the significance of data ethics including key principles of transparency, explainability and accountability, while establishing guardrails to ensure ethical integration. 
  • Transformational leadership: Be the vanguard of change as the workforce transforms by augmenting, not displacing lawyers. Lead adoption through fostering a learning culture and embracing AI as a strategic enabler.
  • Unveiling ROI: What is AI’s return on investment for organisations and the legal department? Hear how responsible AI can translate into tangible value through efficiency, productivity, and informed decision-making.
  • Taming the (AI) beast: With cybersecurity and data risks surging, how can AI help safeguard the organisation's most valuable information from breaches, bias and privacy concerns?