Youth Justice in New Zealand (3rd edition) eBook

Youth Justice in New Zealand (3rd edition) eBook

Nessa Lynch

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Youth Justice in New Zealand critiques law, theory and practice in the New Zealand youth justice system. Reflecting on the unique challenges of children and youth, it analyses the principles, legislation and policies governing the operation of the youth justice system including practice and procedure in the distinctive Youth Court jurisdiction.

The third edition brings the text up-to-date with the youth justice age being raised to 18; the Child Youth and Family Service and legislation being replaced by Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry for Children; and the primary Act being renamed the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989.

Youth Justice in New Zealand (3rd edition) is the essential black letter law research and reference point for youth advocates, practitioners, academics, and members of the judiciary.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the 2nd edition



  1. The Evolution of Youth Justice in New Zealand
  2. Principles Underpinning the Youth Justice System
  3. Children who Offend
  4. Arrest, Questioning and Investigation
  5. Diversion
  6. The Youth Justice Family Group Conference
  7. The Youth Court – Jurisdiction and Procedure
  8. The Right to Legal Assistance in the Youth Justice System
  9. Youth Court Sanctions
  10. Youth Justice Sanctions – Tensions and Challenges
  11. Custody

Table of Statutes and Regulations

Table of Cases

Subject Index


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