XYZ MFS General Purpose Financial Reporting Pack (GPFR + Wkbk)

XYZ MFS General Purpose Financial Reporting Pack (GPFR + Wkbk)

Mark Hucklesby, Grant Thornton


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Date: 30/04/2018

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Book XYZ MFS Not For Profit Pack (NFP + NFP Wkbk) 30/09/2018 42533731 $719.61 Add to cart
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Book XYZ MFS General Purpose and Special Purpose Financial Reporting Pack (GPFR + SPFR) 30/04/2018 42533733 $810.65 Add to cart
Book XYZ MFS General Purpose and Not For Profit Pack (GPFR + NFP) 30/04/2018 42533734 $1,040.40 Add to cart
Book XYZ MFS All Volumes Pack (ADC, GPFR, NFP, SPFR, Wkbk + NFP Wkbk) 30/04/2018 42533735 $1,902.81 Add to cart



Thomson Reuters is excited to release the 2020 XYZ Model Financial Statements product suite.

More than 30 years after it was first published, Thomson Reuters’ XYZ Model Financial Statements suite is still the industry standard for the preparation, presentation and generation of compliant ?nancial statements. It has been helping accounting professionals, not-for-profit and corporate business in New Zealand:

  • reduce the risk of non-compliance by providing step-by-step guidance in producing compliant ?nancial statements, and preparing for the adoption of mandatorily applicable accounting standards;
  • save time and increase ef?ciency with easy-to-use checklists, up-to-date model ?nancial statements and the tools to streamline their process; and
  • stay up-to-date with recent developments and important changes to ?nancial reporting requirements.

The suite comprises six core products that provide guidance and commentary on how to prepare and present ?nancial statements across the entire spectrum of ?nancial reporting entities that exist within New Zealand.

All six core products are available online on our Checkpoint platform and in print format. A number of cost-effective packages are also available, depending on your needs.


This publication is the go-to resource for for-profit oriented entities in New Zealand that must prepare general purpose financial statements either because of their size or ownership. The Workbook is used in conjunction with the GPFR book as a practical reference guide in understanding how to apply the recognition and measurement requirements for common, but less widely understood, accounting topics.

When you purchase this General Purpose Financial Reporting Pack you will receive the following titles:

  • XYZ MFS - General Purpose Financial Report 2020
  • XYZ MFS - Workbook 2020

Above updates will be delivered to your door as they are released.