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Patricia Veen

Online Specialist (Training)

Thomson Reuters


Patricia Veen, Westlaw Online Specialist (Training)

How Patricia helps Westlaw users

"I deal with variety: a wide variety of people with an equally wide variety of specific needs and challenges. And that’s what I love about what I do. No two customers are the same.

"Westlaw is used by people from law firms (ranging from large to solo practitioners), and barristers to multiple government departments, state sector agencies and legal teams in diverse organizations such as corporate environments, hospitals, charitable organizations and unions. Every user has their own set of requirements - what information they want, how they want to access it, where they want to access from, how they want it displayed, how they want to share it across their organization… The variations are enormous.

"In my training role, it’s my challenge to ensure that regardless of the size of the customer’s account and the degree of their digital competency, their needs are met. That means we need to be ultra flexible, our approach can never be one size fits all.

"We have an adaptable selection of training options ranging from self-service of varying types (videos, downloadable User Guide pdfs, and top tips), webinars and one-on-one training conversations, available via our Training website. Site visits for group training are also made regularly. We shape what we do and how we deliver training in direct response to customer demand and the feedback we get from them.

"Training is an investment and it’s one of those things where the more you learn, the more value you receive. Westlaw is never going to be mastered in a one-off session - there are always going to be changes and enhancements to the product. That’s its nature. It will evolve."

While that may frustrate users who want to "get the training over and done with", using Westlaw effectively is a journey. And that’s exactly what Patricia values about her role. There is always something new, and someone new to teach.

Patricia's Training journey

Patricia has been involved in training for over twenty years, watching the products evolve from CD to online. It’s a role she became fascinated by when she was employed as the Judge’s Associate to Chief Justice Rt Hon Sir Thomas Eichelbaum (1989-1999).

She recalls the transition from purely paper based office systems to increasingly computerized ones, which included the beginnings of online legal research. While some struggled, she didn’t and was soon seconded to train the judiciary and their support staff. Realizing how much she enjoyed her new role, she decided to commit herself fully to it by completing a teaching diploma.

"It’s never just training. It’s always about people; how best to ensure they get what they need to use all the features of Westlaw and get the benefits. That’s always good!"