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Jay Pierce


Gallaway Cook Allan


Organisation size: 50

Jay Pierce, Solicitor, Gallaway Cook Allan, Westlaw User

Jay's background

Jay is a member of Gallaway Cook Allan's dispute resolution team based in Dunedin.

After completing his BA and PGDip, he took on governmental roles in Australia and New Zealand. That experience convinced him that a qualification and training in the law would better equip him to become the more effective agent of change he wanted to be. Jay completed his LLB and LLM (First Class Hons) in just three and a half years.

Since then he has applied his academic rigour and passion for advocacy to finding the right answers and creative solutions for his clients. "Law is the right fit for my abilities. It makes me happy to know I can meaningfully assist people."

How Jay uses Westlaw

Jay is a digital native and early convert to Westlaw. "I really appreciate and understand the challenges and effort that has gone to design a seamless user-friendly user experience. I mastered the basics easily and then realized I could get a lot more out of it, so I took advantage of the training on offer. That made all the difference!

"These days Westlaw is my primary legislative and case law research tool. I use it all the time. It’s efficient, comprehensive, and quick to return the results I want, when I want them."

Jay uses the ability to set personal preferences within Westlaw extensively. "I could not live without it. Westlaw is always set up exactly how I want it. My dashboard has all my quick links to my frequently used material, for example, McGechan and A to Z of New Zealand Law." Although he has access to other legal research systems, he says, "Westlaw is superior. I do use the others but only as a supplement."

How Westlaw helps Jay

"Westlaw is my preferred and trusted research partner. As a member of a busy litigation team I am expected to find answers and find them quickly. Westlaw’s intuitive functioning coupled with accurate information has earned my respect and I can rely on its currency which gives me the confidence to safely assure myself, and my clients, that my advocacy is based on the best information possible."

A feature adding to his sense of security is the comprehensive linking within resources. "I can thoroughly investigate a point with ease. If there is any supplementary material available it’s immediately accessible."

Because he’s busy and often on the run, Jay accesses Westlaw from his home, his office and the courtroom, saying "I love that portability!" He has one last question before the interview concludes. "When’s the app is coming out?" The answer? "We’re working on it!"

"I can’t live without it. As a litigator I am expected to find answers and find them quickly. Westlaw has the depth of content, accuracy and currency to meet my needs efficiently. I’ve learned to rely on, and trust it."