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Haydn Davies

Country Manager, New Zealand

Thomson Reuters


Haydn Davies, Country Manager, Thomson Reuters New Zealand

Exceeding customer expectations

"Although Westlaw is a global brand, Westlaw NZ is a legal research platform designed specifically for the New Zealand market-place utilising the best of Thomson Reuters’ global technology, resources and experience. Our continuing challenge is to anticipate and keep pace within the rapidly shifting digital landscape. We are constantly balancing the needs of our customers in order to provide the most appropriate and useful content and features we possibly can.

"This means we are involved in dual development streams. On the one hand we know we are only as good as the products we provide, and on the other we know those products are only ever useful if they are readily accessible and usable. Because we know and understand the needs of the profession we realize we have to maintain impeccably high standards in both. Trust and reliability is paramount.

"Our content is rigorously curated to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are fully aware that there are "free" sources of information, so what we provide has to be superior.

"We keep a constant lookout for opportunities to improve and develop our delivery platforms. We receive a steady flow of feedback via our trainers, sales and customer service teams, and direct from customers themselves, and that lets us know what our users are looking for. We look for trends, analyze patterns, and respond accordingly. Sometimes it’s a tweak to existing functionality and sometimes it’s the strategic development of something entirely new."

How Westlaw NZ continues to improve

"One area I am particularly proud of is our online personalisation functionality. Now users can set up Westlaw NZ exactly how they want it. OnePass gives them the freedom to create their own research folders, share them with colleagues, add notes and set up their own ‘Quick Links’ to documents or databases they regularly use. I am also delighted by the pace with which we have been able to bring new products to Westlaw NZ. The work done on building out the A to Z of New Zealand Law, and its ground-breaking powerful legal taxonomy, is impressive indeed.

"When I look at what we have achieved it’s very good. However, when I look to the future things just keep getting better.

"Personally I relish the creative challenge inherent in digital world. It’s fluid - changing constantly. There is an excitement about not knowing everything, or what is coming up. There is always something new to learn. For example, what will online legal research look like in five or ten year’s time? The Westlaw NZ journey is never ending."

"Westlaw NZ is used by a huge range of people with differing needs and differing levels of user experience. It is our job to fulfill them all – providing each of them with what they want in a timely and efficient way."