The Mediator's Handbook

The Mediator's Handbook

Ruth Charlton, Micheline Dewdney


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Date: 03/09/2014

Code: 9780455233291

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The Mediator’s Handbook Third Edition is an established and highly respected work which assists both experienced and newly qualified mediators who wish to expand their range of skills in this ever-evolving field.
The mediation process is explained in simple steps applicable to all forms of dispute and clearly outlines the required skills, techniques and strategies, especially communication skills. Importantly, variations to the mediation process are explained as are the roles of advisers, support persons and interpreters.
In this third edition, there has been significant revision to reflect new developments in mediation since the previous edition published in 2004.
The Mediator’s Handbook Third Edition combines practical commentary and skills development from three exemplars of the field, providing a logical model with which to develop the use of structured strategies and skills. This work is an essential reference resource for all mediators, in every session they facilitate.