The Business of Law 2009 - 2e

The Business of Law 2009 - 2e

Ashley Balls, Ronald F Pol, Stephen Mayson, David Maister


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Date: 01/04/2009

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND

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The Business of Law 2009, 2nd edition is the latest, most comprehensive report on the state of the business of law in New Zealand. It provides an in-depth analysis of the trends affecting the legal profession, supported by relevant demographic, statistical and financial data. The underlying message in this report is clear: the legal industry globally is changing rapidly and New Zealand is not exempt. While developments may pose some threats to long established legal markets, they will also create new opportunities. Those lawyers who are alert to these developments and are ready for change will thrive. Those who are not may not survive.

Table of Contents

An Overview of the Legal Profession

  • Fiscal overview - listing the Top 20 in NZ by estimated annual billings, partners and lawyer numbers and regional law firm benchmarks by Law Society District
  • Legal services reform
  • Getting the culture right

The Practice

  • Are there too many lawyers?
  • How the profession is changing?
  • Legal equality by 2015?
  • The silent revolution: legal departments growing at the expense of external lawyers
  • Is recovery rate an ‘expense’?

Client Care and the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006

  • Client care? Yeah right
  • It’s official. Lawyers care. But how is this working in practice?
  • One Society and ADLS opt out. Angst or opportunity?

In-House Counsel

  • The most pressing issues facing in-house leadership
  • Do local authorities spend locally?
  • Local authority legal teams: lean, starved or captive?

What do Clients Think?

  • Types of law firms expected to change
  • Selecting law firms: top 6 criteria
  • Lead law firms compared with their competitors
  • Hourly billing
  • Legal services procurement

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