The Brain-Based Boss (eBook)

The Brain-Based Boss (eBook)

Terry Williams

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By unleashing the secrets of the brain in the workplace, leaders will be able to develop an engaged and high performance workforce. The book is research based, and the author draws on over one hundred academic books and studies. However it is written in an entertaining, informative, yet practical format designed to provide leaders with motivational tools that they can actually apply in their workplaces to create an environment that is conducive to employee self motivation. The book gives leaders 5 principles through which they can create such an environment.

The author, Terry Williams, is a professional speaker and trainer who has twenty years experience as a corporate trainer and a working lifetime as a manager and seller of products, services and ideas. Click for more about Terry and his reasons for writng this book.

Table of Contents

SECTION ONE - Why Be A Brain-Based Boss?

‘One Right Way’?

Self Awareness First

You Can’t Motivate Anyone!

People Are Our Greatest Asset

Employee Engagement

Is It Worth It?


SECTION TWO - The 5 Principles Of Brain-Based Bosses

Principle 1: Self Awareness

Self Discipline (Don’t Eat The Marshmallow)

'Grit’ Mindset



Anchoring And Adjustment



Ineffective Behaviours


Principle 2: Mastery


Effective Coaching

Natural Learning


Deliberate Practice

Inattention (The Invisible Gorilla)

Remember What You’ve Forgotten

Challenge Assumptions

Our Lazy Brains



Principle 3: Autonomy


Problem Solving

First Impressions


The Dangers Of Cash Incentives

Reciprocity *Influence Triggers


‘The Way Things Are Done Around Here’

Physical Environment



Principle 4: Purpose

Connection to Their Future Self

We Over-Value What We Already Have







Principle 5: Influence Others

You Cannot Not Influence - Priming

Priming + Money

Last-Place Aversion

Loss Aversion



Making Requests

Setting Expectations

One Reason People See Things Differently

Keeping Motivation Going



SECTION THREE - Becoming A Brain-Based Boss What Can Volunteers Teach Us About Creating A Motivated Workplace?


Orientation / Induction

Be ‘Autonomy Supportive’


Work Stories

Turning Attention Into Action

Make Change Irresistible

Putting It All Together


SECTION FOUR - Looking For Brain-Based Clues Checklist




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