TAX 111 Q&A Service

TAX 111 Q&A Service

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Wellington


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Date: 30/04/2016

Code: 41941656

Checkpoint NZ, NEW ZEALAND

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TAX 111 Q&A Service

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TAX 111 Q&A Service


Fast Answers to Your Tax Questions!

Designed specifically for practitioners, Tax 111 Q&A Service is a convenient way to give you the reassurance you need when dealing with tax issues.
Subscribers simply submit their tax query via our Checkpoint® online platform and receive a written response on the tax considerations or an interpretation of the tax consequences of their tax issue.
Operated by Baker Tilly Staples Rodway in conjunction with Thomson Reuters, Tax 111 Q&A Service advisers are New Zealand Chartered Accountants with decades of experience providing practical tax advice to practitioners, corporations, and other entities as well as being regular presenters of tax seminars on behalf of CAANZ.

Signing up to Tax 111

  • Reduces the risk of getting tax questions wrong
  • Provides comfort that your tax thinking is on the right track
  • Is a cost effective alternative to having a technical tax resource in-house; or
  • Sits perfectly alongside your tax resource as a vital back up
  • Is fast and will save you valuable research time

Sample Questions

Here are some of the day to day questions we have received from our subscribers:

  • Our client is an insurance broker and sometimes sell policies to another agency. Are these sales classified as income or capital, and would they attract GST at 15 per cent or be zero-rated?
  • Our client is a company which has losses from R&D expenses. They applied for and received a payout from Inland Revenue for losses cash out. Is this income treated as non-taxable income in the annual accounts and how is Inland Revenue notified that the losses carried forward have been cashed out?
  • A client's vehicle is used 100 per cent for business but kept at home. Should the FBT income adjustment continue for as long as the client owns the vehicle or does it stop once the client has returned the full cost of vehicle as income?
  • My client purchased land for a taxable activity. The vendor was GST registered. The purchaser wasn’t originally GST registered but on settlement was. The original sale price was GST inclusive but at settlement, the original sale price had been changed to GST exclusive. Can my client claim the GST?


Our Offering 

A subscription to Tax 111 includes the following:

  • UNLIMITED QUESTIONS* that are within the scope of the Tax 111 service
  • Communicate by submitting a question form via your Checkpoint subscription

Try Before you Buy

If you think Tax 111 Q &A might be beneficial to you and your team, try us by asking a couple of questions at no cost to you.  If you like our approach, and you think this might be for you, why not sign up to New Zealand’s leading Tax Q & A Service.  

*Subject to reasonable use.