Sentencing in Australia - 3rd Edition

Sentencing in Australia - 3rd Edition

Richard Edney, Mirko Bagaric


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Date: 27/11/2015

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Sentencing in Australia Third Edition is the most up-to-date explanation of sentencing law and practice across Australia. Now published annually, Mirko Bagaric’s and Richard Edney’s landmark work is fast becoming the preferred book on the subject.

Sentencing matters consume most court of appeal work and this title provides a thorough, coherent and much-needed treatment of this complex subject, which involves a wide range of interacting factors.

The Third Edition examines and evaluates a plethora of changes to the sentencing landscape over the past year, including High Court and other superior court decisions, and important legislative changes.

It includes judicial analysis of the implications for defence lawyers and prosecutors of the High Court decision in Barbaro v The Queen and alerts readers to a dramatic increase in incarceration numbers throughout Australia. Bagaric and Edney examine the underlying reasons for this increase and possible solutions.

The Third Edition analyses new developments that update the law in relation to:

  • The ongoing development of mitigating and aggravating factors;
  • The relevance of mental impairment to sentencing;
  • The manner in which substance involvement should be dealt with in the sentencing calculus; and
  • The over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prisons.

Also in this edition, the authors continue to examine the empirical evidence regarding the information and dynamics that influence the thinking and decision-making of sentencing judges.

On the basis of its currency, national scope and authoritative content, Sentencing in Australia Third Edition is the logical choice in each Australian jurisdiction, for practitioners and law students alike.  


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