Search and Surveillance: Act & Analysis (Book)

Search and Surveillance: Act & Analysis (Book)

Warren Young, Neville Trendle, Richard Mahoney


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Date: 01/12/2012

Code: 9780864727770

Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Written by New Zealand’s foremost experts on the law of search and surveillance, this work is a comprehensive and practical guide to the Act. The work features section by section commentary on the Act’s provisions. It covers police powers, enforcement officers’ powers and general provisions in relation to search, surveillance and inspection powers. It is an invaluable first point of reference for lawyers, police officers and enforcement officers from a range of government agencies.


  • Comprehensive introduction to the Act. At over 300 sections, the introduction is very useful for readers seeking a short, yet comprehensive overview of the Act. It outlines the purpose and scope of the legislation; highlights the main provisions of the Act and how the different parts of the Act relate to one another.
  • Flexible approach allowing the reader to determine the level of detail. Primarily aimed at providing practical guidance to the Act via section-by-section analysis, the text also contains easy-to-access legislation and commentary cross-references for broader research.
  • Case law. The text consolidates commentary on cases under the former law which continue to apply under the Act. The case law is carefully selected so only cases of principle are included and readers are spared having to sort through catalogues of cases decided purely on their facts.
  • New regimes. Annotated commentary provides practical guidance on the application of new provisions under the Act such as new surveillance device, declaratory order and production order regimes.
  • Other useful reference tools such as a table of cases, legislation table and subject index.