Salinger on Factoring - 5th Edition

Salinger on Factoring - 5th Edition

Simon Mills, Noel Ruddy, Nigel Davidson


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Date: 13/12/2016

Code: 9781847035523

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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Salinger on Factoring is renowned for its highly practical approach to the law and practice relating to factoring and invoice finance. It combines a clear understanding of the law with clear and concise guidance on its implementation. Providing you with a detailed examination of and guide to the legal issues that arise from domestic and international factoring, this title will quickly become your most trusted guide to this complex area of law.

Key Features:
  • A comprehensive guide to the law and practice relating to factoring and invoice finance
  • Discusses the various forms, uses, and methods by which factoring can help businesses
  • Looks at the origins and nature of modern factoring
  • Examines the use and misuse of factoring, the limitations on its use and its benefits
  • Looks at the relationship between the factor and debtors including normal collection procedures and legal remedies where collection procedures fail
  • Examines international factoring and discusses the special considerations relevant for international factors
  • Looks at the legal structure of factoring, the provisions of factoring agreements and the types of agreement commonly used
  • Considers conflicts with third parties
  • Examines set-off and the countervailing rights of the debtor
  • Considers the rights and obligations of the factor on the occurrence of the insolvency of the client
  • Looks at the use of credit insurance and its potential affect on the terms of the factoring agreement and the policy of insurance
  • Includes a glossary of terms and a collection of sample documents

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