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Rural Property Precedents - Westlaw NZ

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Rural Property Precedents - Westlaw NZ

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Rural Property Precedents - Westlaw NZ


Brookers Rural Property Precedents brings together the information and tools needed to advise on the purchase, sale and management of rural property in New Zealand.

Dealing with rural property is a specialist subject. Tax implications, forestry rights, Fonterra Shares, livestock, crop harvesting, fencing requirements and water supply are just some of the matters which may confront a lawyer who is acting in a rural property matter.

Prepared and kept up-to-date by one of New Zealand’s leading rural property specialists, Brookers Rural Property Precedents contains a wide range of precedents, forms and supplementary documents.

An extensive clause library provides over 30 clauses to vary sale or purchase agreements. Checklists and special Sheets enable easy planning and tracking of all matters which have to be covered.

Table of Contents

Purchase of Rural Property

  • 10 letters to cover each stage of the process, and for dispatch to client, purchaser or vendor, local authority, real estate agent and bank;
  • Other documents, including Control Sheet, tax invoices, LIM application, forestry rights registration, deed of acknowledgement of trust, auction purchase details.

Sale of Rural Property

  • 6 letters to cover each stage of the process, and for dispatch to client, purchaser or vendor, real estate agent, mortgagee and insurance company;
  • Control Sheet for sale of rural property.

Lease of rural property

  • Lease agreements
  • Lease deed
  • Lease clauses

Check Lists

  • Notes to ADLS Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate;
  • Checklist for and Purchase.

Clauses Library

  • Clauses to add to agreements for sale and purchase of rural property;
  • Conditional clauses;
  • Livestock and plant;
  • Good husbandry;
  • Harvesting of crops;
  • Clauses for conditional sale, occupation and access;
  • Option to lease;
  • Water supply;
  • Right of way;
  • Poultry farming clauses;
  • Inland Revenue Department;
  • Vendor Finance and Warranties;
  • Subdivision;
  • Fencing requirements;
  • Forestry right reservations;
  • Effluent systems;
  • PCB electrical units;
  • Contemporaneous purchase of businesses;
  • Utility leases;
  • Waitangi claims
  • Emissions trading
  • Overseas Investment Commission Approval

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