Regulatory Principles of Banking Law in China

Regulatory Principles of Banking Law in China

Mark Hsiao


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This is the first and only truly comprehensive publication about banking law in China. It covers all relevant topics related to Chinese banking law, beginning with a discussion about the historical development of Chinese banking law from the 1980s to present day. This is particularly helpful for the reader to get a good understanding of China’s unique banking policy and system.

Topics discussed and examined include:

1. China’s accession to the WTO;

2. The subsequent liberalization of its banking and financial practices;

3. Division of power and responsibilities between the People’s Bank of China (the Central Bank) and the China Banking Regulatory Commission (Banking Regulatory and Supervisor).

There is also helpful discussion aimed to clarify the complicated consumer protection mechanisms. Similarly to other banking law books, this publication also provides instruction about banking license applications in China.

This book also discusses the issues arising from: (i) the implementation of Basel Recommendations (Basel I, II, and III) in China; and (ii) regulation of financial derivatives, securitizations, securities taking (secured creditor), banking insolvency, settlement, and depository protection schemes and insurance.

This book will be an invaluable source of information to academics teaching and students learning about Chinese banking law. Due to the book’s incredible wealth of comprehensive information about Chinese banking law, this will appeal not only to academics and students, but also to a wider readership including international law firms with banking law interests in China and banks that are interested in business expansion in China.


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