Principles of Criminal Law - 4th edition (eBook)

Principles of Criminal Law - 4th edition (eBook)

Andrew P Simester, Warren J Brookbanks

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Date: 16/05/2018

Code: 9780864728289

Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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This well-established title continues to be the only textbook offering in-depth analysis of criminal law in New Zealand. Incorporating major changes to case law and legislation since 2007, the new edition discusses important developments such as the abolition of the provocation defence in homicide cases, and the scope and availability of consent.

The expert exploration of the rules, underlying principles, and policies governing criminal liability, along with extensive citations of case law and articles, means this book is of value to students, academics, and legal practitioners alike.

Major changes since the 2007 edition include:

  • Major new cases on attempt liability under s 72: L v R [2006] NZSC 18, [2006] 3 NZLR 291, [2006] 22 CRNZ 553, R v Harpur [2010] NZCA 319, (2010) 24 CRNZ 909
  • Important case on joint enterprise liability under s 66(2): Edmonds v R [2010] NZSC 159, [2012] 2 NZLR 445, (2011) 25 CRNZ 5033.
  • New legislative initiatives to increase protection of children and vulnerable adults [homicide and offences against the person contexts]
  • Revisions to homicide law, especially abolition of the provocation defence [also further provision for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, see above]
  • Developing case law on theft and deception offences since reform of the property offences in 2003
  • Important case law developments on the scope and availability of consent: including R v Lee [2006] 3 NZLR 42, (2006) 22 CRNZ 568 (CA), R v Barker [2009] NZCA 186, [2010] 1 NZLR 235, (2009) 24 CRNZ 308

Table of Contents

1. Definition and Application

2. Interpretation, Proof, and the Rule of Law

3. The Actus Reus

4. Mens Rea

5. Strict and Absolute Liability

6. Secondary Participation

7. Vicarious and Corporate Liability

8. The Inchoate Offences

9. Infancy

10. Insanity

11. Intoxication

12. Compulsion

13. Duress of Circumstances, Necessity, and Impossibility

14. Mistake

15. Self-Defence and Defence of Property

16. Culpable Homicide

17. Non-fatal Offences of Violence

18. Sexual Offences

19. Theft and Receiving

20. Deception

21. The Moral Limits of Criminalisation


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