New Zealand Media and Entertainment Law (eBook)

New Zealand Media and Entertainment Law (eBook)

Rosemary Tobin, David Harvey

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Date: 31/10/2017

Code: 9781988504438

Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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Media and entertainment law is a growing and rapidly changing area of law, governed by domestic legislation and challenged by emerging new media such as online news and publishing, blogs, twitter, reddit, and facebook. New Zealand Media and Entertainment Law provides a detailed analysis in a modern framework. The authors weave the intricacies of new media through established case law, legislation and principles while guiding legal and media professionals as they navigate the changing media landscape.

In addition to comprehensive analysis of traditional media law this treatise explores harmful digital communications, the impact of online publication on defamation, regulation of classic and modern media authorities and contempt in light of the Contempt of Court Report released by the Law Commission in June 2017.

This treatise is an essential research and reference tool written for practitioners and students of media law, media and advertising agencies, and other professionals who must stay ahead of media regulation.

Contributing author – Paul Sumpter.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Introduction: New Media and the Challenge of Convergence

Chapter 2            Freedom of Expression

Chapter 3            Democracy in Action: Reporting in a Democracy

Chapter 4             Non-publication Orders

Chapter 5            Media and Open Justice

Chapter 6            Contempt of Court

Chapter 7            Defamation

Chapter 8            Privacy

Chapter 9            Harmful Digital Communications

Chapter 10          Copyright and the Media in New Zealand

Chapter 11          Responsible Journalism

Chapter 12          Regulation of the Media: the Press Council, the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Online Media Standards Authority

Chapter 13          Advertising

Chapter 14          Censorship

Table of Statutes and Regulations

Table of Cases

Subject Index


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