New Zealand Family Law in the 21st Century (eBook)

New Zealand Family Law in the 21st Century (eBook)

B D Inglis, B D Inglis

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New Zealand Family Law in the 21st Century is an authoritative, highly accessible work covering current issues of family law in New Zealand.

Since the Family Court was established in 1980 the legislative reforms of that year and the even more radical reforms in the past decade have changed the practice and content of New Zealand family law greatly. It is no longer realistic to see family law as mainly concerned with marriage and the legal remedies once a marriage ends. This book discusses those changes and their likely effect on families in their newly recognised and legalised forms.

The work is aimed at a wide audience and promotes discussion about how the law can best serve families and the children who are the most vulnerable subjects of family collapse. It emphasises the Family Court’s protective role and also draws attention to some perhaps unexpected consequences of the law reforms.

New Zealand Family Law in the 21st Century was co-winner of the JF Northey Memorial Prize for the best legal book by a New Zealand author published in 2007.

Mark Henaghan, Otago Law Review 2009

"New Zealand Family Law in the 21st Century bears all the hallmarks of Don Inglis’ distinguished career. The reader is left in no doubt where Don Inglis stands on issues. All the family law statutes are given a thorough working over in terms of their wording and underlying principles. The writing is lucid and very readable. It is a book that will stand the test of time as a testament to a clear thinker about family law."

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New Zealand Family Law in the 21st Century

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introductory

  • Chapter 1 The Nature of Family Law
  • Chapter 2 Development of Family Law in Zealand

Part 2: Legal Family in the 21st Century

  • Chapter 3 Family Status and its Incidents
  • Chapter 4 Family Restructuring in the 21st
  • Chapter 5 Children Conceived by Assisted Human Reproduction Procedures
  • Chapter 6 Evaluation of Family

Part 3: The Family Court

  • Chapter 7 The Family Court
  • Chapter 8 Practice and Procedure in the Family Court
  • Chapter 9 Evidence in the Family Court
  • Chapter 10 Appeals from the Family Court

Part 4: Protective Jurisdiction

  • Chapter 11 The Protective Jurisdiction
  • Chapter 12 The “Welfare Principle”
  • Chapter 13 Parentage
  • Chapter 14 Parent and Child - General Principles; Guardianship
  • Chapter 15 Parent and Child - Parenting Orders; Resolution of Parenting Disputes
  • Chapter 16 Parent and Child - of Guardianship Disputes; Relocation of Child; Wards of Court; Issues between Child and Parent or Guardian
  • Chapter 17 Parent and Child - Procedural Issues under the Care of Children Act
  • Chapter 18 Parent and Child - Abduction: The Habeas Corpus 2001; Hague Convention
  • Chapter 19 Child Care and Protection
  • Chapter 20 Persons under Disability
  • Chapter 21 Domestic Violence
  • Chapter 22 Adoption

Part 5: Property and Finance

  • Chapter 23 Adult Maintenance
  • Chapter 24 Child Support
  • Chapter 25 Relationship
  • Chapter 26 Trusts and Settlements

Part 6: Separation and Dissolution

  • Chapter 27 Separation
  • Chapter 28 Void Marriages and Civil Unions
  • Chapter 29 Dissolution of Marriage or Union

Part 7: Post Mortem

  • Chapter 30 Family Protection
  • Chapter 31 Testamentary Promises

Table of Statutes and Regulations

Table of Cases

Subject Index


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