Moral Rights - 2nd Edition

Moral Rights - 2nd Edition

Kevin Garnett, QC, Gillian Davies


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Date: 21/11/2016

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Moral Rights is an essential reference on an increasingly important subject. This book clearly and comprehensively looks at the impact and protection of these rights in the UK as well as providing a comparative analysis of moral rights in key jurisdictions across the world. It is the definitive resource on moral rights on the national and international stage

Main features:

  • Comprehensive commentary on the development and impact of moral rights in the United Kingdom, clarifying exactly how the law protects them.
  • Provides international comparative analysis of the origins, principles, and law governing moral rights.
  • Analyses the legal position in over 20 key jurisdictions with an additional table summarising moral rights in more than 160 countries.
  • Discusses the history and theory of moral rights and their development in both common law and civil law jurisdictions.
  • Systematic commentary on the treatment of moral rights in key jurisdictions across the world, including France, Russia, China, Israel, Latin America, and the USA.
  • Each jurisdiction analysed under the same headings to allow for simple and clear comparisons.
  • Addresses key questions of assignment and duration, infringement, remedies, penalties, and the waiving of rights.

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