Misuse of Drugs (Book)

Misuse of Drugs (Book)


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Date: 11/12/2015

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Misuse of Drugs has for many years enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as the core reference on the laws of drug misuse and trafficking. Written by specialist author Dr Don Mathias, the nineteen chapters of Misuse of Drugs are a treatment of central topics in criminal law from the perspective of drug offences. Indeed, the book guides the reader through all major aspects of this complex and multi-faceted area of the law, including:

  • the range of offences related to the possession, manufacture, supply, production, import, export, procurement, production, cultivation, or consumption of controlled drugs;
  • the court processes (including those relevant to bail applications, prevention of abuse of process, and sentencing) relevant to drug offences;
  • the application of the law of evidence, search and seizure, and surveillance to drug offences;
  • important forensic issues such as the need for the prosecution to prove that substances involved in alleged offences are in fact controlled drugs;
  • The law related to forfeiture of proceeds of offending, proceeds of crime and money laundering.

These features make the text essential reading for all criminal lawyers, and for judges, the police, probation officers, forensic scientists, students and members of the public interested in the law of drug misuse and trafficking.