Maori Corporate Governance (1st edition) bk

Maori Corporate Governance (1st edition) bk


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Waking the Taniwha: Maori Governance in the 21st Century is a comprehensive analysis of the manifestations, complexities and challenges arising out of the development of Maori governance structures in a post-Treaty of Waitangi settlement period. As well as bringing together the many elements that feed into the governance of Maori corporate entities, the text highlights key principles and best practices of Maori corporate governance.

The chapters were written by an expert author team of indigenous and allied academics, practitioners, and members of the judiciary, led by general editors Robert Joseph and Richard Benton. The book is separated into six substantial parts, starting with tikanga and matauranga Maori in a governance context, then considering treaty settlements, sectoral governance, theoretical and constitutional issues, legal opportunities and constraints, and the way forward.

The publication of Maori Corporate Governance is a milestone in New Zealand legal writing. It is a single-stop research text for iwi, post-settlement governance entities, legal advisors and those looking to work with those entities in partnership.

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