Law of Trade Secrets and Privacy 3rd Edition - Book

Law of Trade Secrets and Privacy 3rd Edition - Book

Gordon Hughes


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Date: 29/08/2018

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Law of Trade Secrets and Privacy Third Edition provides essential guidance through the law regarding personal, institutional and corporate privacy.

This long-awaited new edition assists readers to better protect commercially sensitive, and private and personal information, by understanding the underlying principles of two related and rapidly changing areas of law.

Protection of trade secrets is an integral part of business development. Similarly, protection of personal information is becoming increasingly complex under expanding privacy regulation. This book addresses the obligations in both areas, including the overlap.

Constantly-evolving technology creates risk for businesses and individuals, yet legal regulatory frameworks may be slow to respond, and lag behind developments. A practitioner or company with a clear grasp of relevant legal principles and practice is better equipped to develop strategies for safeguarding against breaches of confidence.

Since the Second Edition published in 2002, the challenges to personal, institutional and corporate privacy have become much more complex. Compliance with confidentiality laws is now complicated by jurisdictional issues arising from the use of modern communication technology, including social media. In addition, fiduciary relationships add another level of complication.

In response, employment contracts and business restraints are becoming more prevalent. Privacy legislation has continued to evolve and it is necessary for practitioners to be familiar with Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy and health records regulation.

The Privacy Act itself has recently undergone major amendments, and more are anticipated. At the same time, statutory protection is further complicated by the possible emergence of a common law right to privacy.

Practitioners must move quickly in response to these developments and to anticipate how the courts will interpret them.

Law of Trade Secrets and Privacy Third Edition is extracted from the subscription service Trade Secrets and Privacy, maintained by privacy and data protection specialist lawyer, Gordon Hughes . It is an essential and affordable resource for every company, institution and individual with privacy concerns.