Law of Reinsurance - 4th edition

Law of Reinsurance - 4th edition

Terry O'Neill, Jan Woloniecki


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Date: 11/11/2015

Code: 9780414052024

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The Law of Reinsurance provides a comprehensive guide to both the law and practice in this complex area of law. It is a definitive reference source for practitioners, covering general principles of the reinsurance contract, examining particular reinsurance agreements in detail, and all relevant areas of agency law.

The mainwork is now accompanied by the first supplement to ensure you are fully up-to-date.


  • Offers a comprehensive guide to the law and practice of reinsurance.
  • Outlines the nature and purpose of reinsurance.
  • Provides an introduction to the Lloyd’s and London market and the Bermuda market.
  • Looks at the formation of the reinsurance contract.
  • Considers the relationship between the reinsurance contract and original insurance contract.
  • Examines the interpretation of reinsurance contracts.
  • Considers the grounds on which a reinsurer might deny liability.
  • Looks at the legal aspects of marine, reinsurance contracts, proportional reinsurance contracts and non-proportional reinsurance contracts.
  • Explores financial reinsurance and alternative risk transfer.
  • Investigates the legal nature and duties of an intermediary.
  • Looks at conflict of laws issues.
  • Covers procedural issues in reinsurance litigation and arbitration.
  • Looks at the regulation of reinsurance.
  • Includes coverage of the prospect of insolvency and reinsurance liquidations.

New to this edition:

  • Coverage and analysis of the Insurance Act 2015
  • The proposed Insurance Distribution Directive
  • Key case law including Teal v Berkley, the Hampshire Land rule and Jetivia v Bilta
  • In Bermuda,? Peiris v Daniels on directors' duties
  • Regulatory changes for Solvency II equivalence
  • Privy Council decisions in Saad Investments and Singularis on common law power to assist foreign liquidators

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