Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability - 8th Edition

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability - 8th Edition

John Powell QC, Roger Stewart, QC


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Date: 13/12/2016

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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Jackson & Powell is the definitive text on Professional Liability. It provides comprehensive coverage of the law of professional liability. It is an essential reference point for every practitioner as it aids them in establishing whether a duty of care exists and whether it has been breached, providing quick access with confidence as to whether a cause of action exists while explaining the remedies available.
  • Discusses changes in the standard required by professional
  • Considers the standard of skill and care including the relevance of the defendant’s qualifications and experience
  • Considers the duties and obligations of a professional-including positive duties and restrictions
  • Discusses the difference between tortuous liability and contractual liability
  • Deals with subjects of general application and delves into specific professions
  • Examines the nature of professional liability
  • Explains the nature of a fiduciary duty including unauthorised profits and undue influence
  • Discusses the origins of the duty of confidentiality including the continuing duty to former clients
  • Considers the remedies available
  • Discusses contribution between defendants
  • Considers available defences including equitable defences
  • Differentiates between limitation in contract, tort and equity
  • Analyses the impact of human Rights on Professionals
  • Investigates the nature & Scope of Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Demonstrates the different liabilities for different professionals
  • Has separate chapters on individual professional providing commentary from the start of action through to adjudication and damages if appropriate
  • Individual chapter on specific professions including construction professionals, surveyors, solicitors, Barristers, medical practitioners, Financial Practitioners, Insurance Brokers, Accountants and Auditors, Actuaries, Members and managing agents at Lloyds, IT professionals and Patent and Trademark attorneys
  • Discusses the FSA and financial regulation
  • This new edition also features an entirely new chapter on Art

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