What happens when we change to the legal practice management system Infinitylaw?
There is always some disruption in changing systems. For most people in the firm it is minimal, as most pressure falls on accounting staff.
However, we have extensive experience in installing software solutions and have an established process to reduce disruption to a minimum.

Implementation covers:

  • Comprehensive project planning and ongoing project management as implementation proceeds.
  • Doing all possible tasks prior to the go-live date.
  • Providing pre go-live training for everyone possible, but especially accounting staff.
  • Focused training to meet the needs of each individual in the firm. This ensures that everyone learns what they need to without wasting time sitting through sessions not relevant to them.
  • Phasing in of some parts of the system over a planned period to avoid information over-load and staff stress.
  • An Implementation Plan and Roadmap will be jointly prepared to ensure all parts of the system that will add value for your firm are implemented and appropriate training provided for your staff. This has to allow for the immediate needs of the firm, staff resources, learning fatigue and the firm’s strategic plan.
  • We will work with your IT supplier to ensure your infrastructure is correctly configured for our software solution.


Training is generally provided over a period of time as the system is fully implemented and is invoiced as it is provided, not as a lump sum.

Software Maintenance and Support

All users contribute to the ongoing development of Infinitylaw and will be provided with new releases of the software. This ensures that your firm will not become stranded on an old version.

As per our agreement with your firm support calls need to be logged on our portal https://portal.infinitylegal.net/ which you can access directly or through Client Information > Help in Infinitylaw. Your call will immediately appear on the desktop of the support consultant assigned to you. They will respond as soon as possible but may reassign the call to another support person if special expertise is required. You can view the status of your calls on the portal and set who in your firm can log calls. Support operates from 8.30 am to 5 pm on business days.