Infinitylaw integrates between clients, their associated contacts, their matters and trusts to support your firms AML/CFT obligations. With Infinitylaw you can enjoy a highly featured and fully integrated legal accounting, management, marketing and compliance system that is customisable to meet the needs of your firm.

Infinitylaw is your end-to-end practice management system
with built in AML compliance tools

Client Due Diligence

  • Record the nature and purpose of the business relationship enabling you to easily capture the activity and follow your firm’s procedure for each due diligence type.
  • Record and verify proof of identification for clients and their beneficial owners as well as highlight politically exposed people.
  • Identify changes in client data if their due diligence status changes alerting you to review the record.

Suspicious Transactions or Activity Reports (SAR)

  • Escalate unusual transactions and activity to your compliance officer.
  • Identify suspicious activity and transactions.
  • Record assessment notes and submitted goAML SAR.

Prescribed Transaction Reports (PTR)

  • Capture domestic and international financial transactions that meet the regimes threshold.
  • Automatically submit reports to goAML at the push of a button.

Monitoring of Customer Accounts

  • Understand the nature and purpose of the business relationship of your clients.
  • Access all client data to review how your clients interact with your firm and identify potential for ML/FT activity.

Record Keeping

  • Review and monitor client information and their due diligence status.
  • Access submitted Prescribed Transaction Reports and Suspicious Transactions or Activity.
  • Review Compliance Officer findings and export your AML data in an easy to review format for auditing purposes.

Vetting and Staff Training

  • Record and identify staff that have been vetted and trained in your AML programme enabling them to complete client due diligence.

Keep on top of all your AML/CFT compliance, with Infinitylaw and Westlaw NZ

Infinitylaw allows you to retain full details of due diligence performed on your clients based on firm defined risk profiles along with the storage of proof of ID. Financial transactions are monitored for prescribed transactions with auto-reporting to the relevant authority along with monitoring of unusual activity.

Westlaw NZ

Thomson Reuters has also partnered with AML/CFT expert Gary Hughes to offer Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing Terrorism Workflow and Guidance on Westlaw NZ*.

Our workflow tool is designed to explain what you need to do to ensure your organisation’s compliance (after 1 July) with the requirements of the AML/CFT legislative regime and its regulators.

*Subject to your subscription