Infinitylaw Legal Practice Management Modules

When you purchase the Infinitylaw legal practice management system you have access to the following modules:

  • Infinitylaw Practice Accounting is a complete management accounting system for your firm. It is made up of separate modules that can be used independently or in combination to run your General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Assets Register.
  • Infinitylaw Document Management (IDM) is a system custom-made for the legal profession that lets you manage all your documents electronically.
  • Infinitylaw Workflow (Matter Management and Document Creation) is a project management tool that can incorporate all the matters your firm deals with. These can be assembled in ordered task lists, created by you, to reflect your procedures.
  • Infinitylaw Client Relationship Management (CRM) is advanced, easy-to-use software designed specifically for the legal profession. It makes it easy to record, track and manage your interactions with clients and key contacts, and simplifies new marketing initiatives.
  • Infinitylaw Telephone System makes handling calls in and out faster and more convenient. It also ensures every minute of every call is accurately accounted for and automatically allocated.
  • Infinitylaw Extranet allows you to access information in your Infinitylaw database remotely via your web browser.

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Infinitylaw in action

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