Infinitylaw Features

The Infinitylaw Legal Practice Management suite includes the following features:

Name Directory

The Infinitylaw Name Directory holds the details of all individuals and organisations your firm has contact with. Names can be linked to clients, matters, and deeds which makes it easy to see how clients and individuals are connected.


Client Profile

The Client Profile allows you to collect detailed information on the interests and characteristics of clients which, together with a history of past services provided, enables you to market legal services closely targeted to their individual needs.


Time recording

Designed for speed and ease of use the Infinitylaw Author Dashboard provides sophisticated time recording that includes multiple clocks, matter budget, matter notes, and expense charging. This makes it easy for you to record time, maximise time recovery and fees earned.


Online billing

Generates bills and statements automatically based on recorded time, expenses, and disbursements. You can edit the bill online and control write-offs and authorisation.


Client Information

Client Information provides a window to all information held in Infinitylaw including; Client Profile and Name Directory, financial details, fee and income history, time details, documents and emails.


To Do List

Generated automatically each day the To Do List advises you of tasks to be actioned and other important items that need your attention including: Workflow tasks, escalated critical tasks, deeds due for review, matters due to be billed, and debtor reminders.


Trust, Fees and Cost Ledger

The Trust, Fees and Cost Ledger is the heart of the legal accounting system and contains all financial and time transactions for clients.


Deeds Register

Through the Deeds Register full details of each deed are attached to clients and matters.


Debtor Management

Work in progress, unbilled disbursements and expenses, and accounts rendered are all managed within Infinitylaw through the output of debtor reports, overdue statements, reminder letters and a debtors telephone list.



Infinitylaw provides a wide range of client, accounting, management and audit reports, many with variable selection criteria. You can also create your own reports with the Infinitylaw Access Linked Database or with Microsoft SQL reporting services.


Archiving online

Client transactions are archived online which means that no matter how long a matter has been running, or even closed, you will always be able to access all current and historical transactions.


Continuous operation

You can use Infinitylaw 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and access and enter information without regard to accounting cycles. This gives you maximum accessibility with minimum down time.


Microsoft Windows compatible

Infinitylaw is a Microsoft Certified product - fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. It shares a similar look and feel which makes it easy to operate and simple to switch between applications.

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