What is Infinitylaw?

Infinitylaw is a comprehensive legal practice management system that allows you to focus on your core business, operate efficiently and profitably, and provide high levels of service to your clients.

Developed specifically for the legal profession and continually improved based on customer needs and feedback, Infinitylaw connects your matters, documents, time, billing, fees, and client relationship management in one powerful product.

Why choose Infinitylaw?

Operate efficiently & profitably

Connect your matters, documents, time, billing, fees, and client relationship management in one powerful product.

  • The author dashboard includes multiple clocks, matter budget, matter notes, and expense charging. This makes it easy for you to record time, maximise time recovery and fees earned.
  • Enquiry provides a window to all information held in Infinitylaw including; Client Profile and Name Directory, financial details, fee and income history, time details, documents and emails.
  • Keep track of work in progress, unbilled disbursements and expenses, and accounts rendered through the output of debtor reports, overdue statements, reminder letters and a debtors telephone list.
  • To Do lists can be automated each day to advise you of tasks to be actioned and other important items that need attention including: Workflow tasks, escalated critical tasks, deeds due for review, matters due to be billed, and debtor reminders.


Capture more billable time

Designed for speed and ease of use the Author Dashboard module provides sophisticated time recording that includes multiple automatic clocks and integration with the telephone system that can significantly improve the capture of chargeable time.  Matter budgets, matter notes, and expense charging from within time recording improves productivity and saves wasted time.

  • The Infinitylaw telephone system ensures every minute of every call is accurately accounted for and automatically allocated.
  • Generating bills is easy and automated based on recorded time, expenses, and disbursements. You can edit the bill online and control write-offs and authorisation.


Manage risk & improve client service

Infinitylaw Document Management lets you manage all your documents electronically.  Link Word documents, Outlook e-mails, images etc to clients and matters for easy review and access. When a matter is closed all attached documents can be archived making it easy to store and retain all types of documents.

  • Find any document: Search for any client or non-client document from within Infinitylaw or Word.  Includes full text search and saved searches.
  • Link every e-mail: To a client, matter or deed, to maintain a full record of electronic correspondence.  Attachments can be saved with e-mails and don’t need to be separated.
  • Archive documents: Documents for closed matters can be archived on line and later to DVD.  No need to check lists and manually delete documents. No documents are permanently deleted and can still be searched for within Infinitylaw.


Comply with your trust accounting responsibilities

Client and Trust Ledgers
Fully featured trust ledger for managing client funds, disbursements, office expenses, bills and money on deposit.

  • Online real time: All entries are fully updated instantly after they are entered.  Most entries are handled by server-based stored procedures to maximise response times for users and to minimise traffic on the network.
  • No printing of Day-end, month end, and year end reports: Saves paper and storage, just view and print when needed.

Deeds Management

  • Documents and scanned images linked to deeds: No need for a traditional deeds room and associated running costs.  Easy to print and email copies.
  • POA logging: Record details when a power of attorney is exercised and print audit reports when required.
  • Automatic deed reminders: Proactive service to clients using review date bring-ups via the To-Do list.  Faster and easier than running reports or using manual systems.


Grow your client base

Use Client profiling and Client Relationship Management to market your legal services to targeted individuals and organisations, to increase work from existing clients and gain new clients. Referred-by reporting helps ensure fee earners are generating sufficient new business.

  • The Client Profile allows you to collect detailed information on the interests and characteristics of clients which, together with a history of past services provided, enables you to market legal services closely targeted to their individual needs.
  • The Name Directory holds the details of all individuals and organisations your firm has contact with. Names can be linked to clients, matters, and deeds which makes it easy to see how clients and individuals are connected.


Anti-money laundering compliance

Infinitylaw allows firms to retain full details of due diligence performed on their clients based on firm defined risk profiles along with the storage of proof of ID. Financial transactions are monitored for prescribed transactions with auto-reporting to the relevant authority along with monitoring of unusual activity.


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Infinitylaw in action

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