HR Solutions - Personal Grievances

HR Solutions - Personal Grievances

Mary Foley, Cassandra Kenworthy


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Date: 01/07/2014

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND

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HR Solutions - Personal Grievances

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HR Solutions - Personal Grievances

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Personal Grievances covers every aspect of personal grievance resolution and litigation. This is a fast-changing and increasingly important area of law, and Personal Grievances is designed to provide clear practical and procedural advice from some of New Zealand’s leading employment lawyers. Whether the advice is to an employee or an employer, Personal Grievances is a complete resource. View more

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Table of Contents

Part A: Grounds for a Personal Grievance

  • Definition of a Personal Grievance
  • Concept of Dismissal
  • Substantive Justification (Grounds for Dismissal)
  • Procedural Fairness and Justification
  • Fixed Term Agreements
  • Redundancy
  • Disadvantage Grievances
  • Sexual and Racial Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Duress

Part B: Remedies

  • Remedies
  • Costs
  • Enforcement

Part C: Process

  • Institutions and their Procedures
  • Statement of Reasons for Dismissal
  • Invoking the Personal Grievance Procedure
  • Grievance Different from that Alleged
  • Stay of Disciplinary Action or Grievance when Criminal Proceedings Pending

Part D: Alternatives

  • Statutory and Common Law Remedies