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Date: 01/07/2014

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND

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HR Partner

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An extensive online reference of ten modules regularly updated with the latest developments in employment legislation and case law, HR Partner is designed as a comprehensive compliance and best practice tool which puts the law in context and provides guidance on dealing with employment situations covering the life cycle of an employee, including sample forms and checklists, plus commentary on legal obligations with case examples.

Table of Contents

The modules are:

1. Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees covers the recruitment process, from interviewing to induction of new employees; it includes checklists, sample documents and position descriptions. View more.

2. Drafting Staff Handbooks

Drafting Staff Handbooks includes a sample handbook and hundreds of sample policies on a wide range of topics. View more.

3. Managing Performance

Managing Performance focuses on setting performance goals, appraisals, managing poor performance and performance-related pay systems. Includes sample documents and case studies. View more.

4. Payroll and Compliance

Payroll and Compliance provides legal and practical commentary with worked examples of how to calculate pay, and covers compliance information on employment issues, such as employment agreement, hours of work, KiwiSaver obligations, taxation (as it relates to payroll), termination and leave. View more.

5. HR Forms

HR Forms contains helpful commentary and a wide selection of sample letters, checklists, and forms that will assist with achieving procedural compliance from recruitment to exit. View more.

6. Health, Safety and ACC

Legal and practical information on occupational health and safety and New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme, including a detailed guidance and checklists for audits and a chapter on hazard management with guidance on specific hazards. View more.

7. Protecting Employees

Commentary best practice, sample policies and forms to maintain a harassment-free workplace, when considering EEO, human rights and privacy legislation. View more.

8. Training Programmes

This service assists with assessing training needs, designing and implementing programmes, and evaluating training, it includes sample policies. View more.

19. Exiting Employees

Exiting Employees contains the essentials of resolving employment problems, how to navigate the disciplinary process, personal grievances, and ending the employment relationship. Exiting Employees also includes legislation, cases, checklists and sample documents. View more.

10. Human Resources Related Legislation

Essential human resources related legislation comprising the Employment Relations Act 2000 Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, Holidays Act 2003, KiwiSaver Act 2006, Minimum Wage Act 1983, Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987, Wages Protection Act 1983 and others. View more.